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Development of soft polymer-based materials is important in a wide range of technological applications and industrial sectors such as adhesives, detergents and cosmetics, foods, rubber in tires, and biomaterials.Our research activities span a range of areas in soft materials chemistry,including adhesives, surface modification, polymer synthesis, soft dispersed systems (emulsions, foams and liquid marbles), nanoparticles and stimuli-responsive polymers. Our overarching long-term goal is to produce advanced polymer-based materials with functions that cannot be obtained using known classes of materials, and to understand the mechanisms responsible for their unusual functionalities. We will develop the notion of polymer chemistry and interfacial chemistry on the basis of soft polymer-based materials. This field consists of the following three laboratories; 1)Composite Materials, 2) Advanced Particulate Materials and 3) Creation of Functional Materials.

Composite Materials Laboratory
Yoshinobu NAKAMURA, Professor
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Advanced Particulate Materials Laboratory
Syuji FUJII, Professor
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Creation of Functional Materials Laboratory
Tomoyasu HIRAI, Associate Professor
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