Soft polymer-based particulate materials are important in a wide range of technological applications and industrial sections such as adhesives, paints, detergents and cosmetics, foods, rubber in tires and biomaterials.

Our research activities span a range of areas in soft material chemistry including emulsions, foams, liquid marbles, dry liquids, organic-inorganic nanocomposite particles, nanoparticles, stimuli-responsive polymer colloids and adhesives. We conduct the researches based on polymer chemistry and interfacial chemistry. Our overarching, long-term goal is to produce polymer-based advanced materials with functions that cannot be obtained in known classes of materials and to understand the mechanism which brings about the functionalities. Furthermore, we tackle to solve environmental and energy problems by proposing a method for creating functional particulate soft materials, taking advantage of the luxurious privilege of colloidal particles that are free from gravity effect.